A festival for the celebration of life and unity, aimed at awakening our ancestral consciousness. With a focus on the appreciation of tradition and the unity of indigenous peoples, we joyfully announce the third edition of the Indigenous Peoples Unity Festival, scheduled to take place from May 30th to June 2nd, 2024, in Arujá, São Paulo.

FIUP is a grand gathering to inspire purer and truer connections, dedicated to the rescue and protection of ancestral knowledge, respect for nature, individual and collective healing, and life itself.

FIUP invites you to take a deep dive into your ancestry, to come together to share the power of forest medicines, medicinal music, rituals, art, healthy food, joy, and love.

FIUP invites you to inspire new thinking, a new moment, a new Earth. Art, Culture, Medicinal Music, Ancestral Knowledge, Ceremonies, Cinema Forest Medicines, Traditional Food, Unity With the participation of spiritual leaders and young indigenous people from various ethnicities, we will share, celebrate, strengthen, and honor all the ancestry of this land, which is indigenous. Peoples: Yawanawá, Huni Kuin, NukiNi, Guarani, Arara, Maxakali, Kayapó, Pataxó, Guajajara, Paiter Suruí. Come be a part of this UNITY at FIUP, vibrating with love and healing, reclaiming the ancestry within you. We have plenty of infrastructure to welcome everyone who feels this call.

  • 4 panels of talks and dialogues
  • 4 cultural presentations
  • 2 rounds of songs and medicines around the fire
  • 1 ritual of forest medicines
  • 1 body painting activity
  • 1 musical show - 1 indigenous documentary showcase
  • Exhibition of indigenous art and literature
  • Hostel with collective suites of 6 to 8 shared beds.
  • 4 meals included daily
  • Lecture and ceremonial hall
  • Children's area with games and paintings
  • Parking and monitored security

Offered by Erica Rosendo da Silva festivalindigenauniaodospovos@gmail.com

Secure your spot now: https://chk.eduzz.com/1931235

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