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Indigenous Peoples Unity Festival

Indigenous Peoples Unity Festival Indigenous Peoples Unity Festival

The Festival

Inspired by festivals within indigenous villages, FIUP aims to provide a space for the exchange of knowledge among different ethnicities, focusing on the appreciation of tradition and unity among indigenous peoples.

It is an annual festival that unfolds over four days, including activities such as discussions, body painting, cultural presentations, film and documentary showcases, performances by indigenous artists, ceremonies with natural medicines, traditional gastronomy, exhibition and sale of indigenous art, among other initiatives that promote visibility for indigenous social and cultural causes. Additionally, it fosters collaboration with non-indigenous thinkers, scientists, anthropologists, artists, activists, and participants in general.

With indigenous peoples as the producers of the event, the perspective is centered on the culture, spirituality, philosophy, and political structure of the involved ethnicities. Thus, it reaffirms the importance of promoting tradition, education, culture, food security, health, science, and ancestral knowledge.

Who We Are

We are the Rûnûã Nítí Institute, formed by Xinã Yurá Yawanawá, Érica Rosendo, and Mariana Ribeiro. Adding to the team, Nicole Allgranti serves as curator, producer, indigenous advocate, and documentarian.

Rûnûã Nítí engages in various actions across different territories in Brazil that value indigenous cultures, forming a network of alliances with the purpose of strengthening sustainability and agroforestry. The institute primarily works towards the expansion and valorization of indigenous traditions and ancestral practices cultivated in the heart of our forests.

We collaborate with the Aldeia Serra do Mar Institute in co-production.


Sustainable Development

Our network operates within the 5 main pillars proposed for sustainability. Through various initiatives, FIUP is committed to the sustainable development goals of the global 2030 agenda.

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